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Meet Georgia, the creative behind the origin of Penguì.

Georgia is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade at Eliot Elementary School. She loves reading, art, bugs, playing in the woods—and penguins.

When Georgia was 2 years old, on her first visit to The New England Aquarium, she found a stuffed penguin she fell in love with, and immediately dubbed her “Penguì”. Penguì hasn’t missed a bedtime since.

On one of those bedtimes, as Georgia was drifting off to sleep, Penguì’s story came to her. “It was almost like it came to me in a dream”, says Georgia.

Georgia shared the story with Miles three years ago, and it’s been coming to life even more over the years!

For those coming to see Penguì the Musical at Players' Ring Theatre, Georgia hopes that people leave remembering that “penguins are awesome, and I want to save them in the wild." (When she grows up as an explorer in Antarctica).

And also, “to be kind.”

See the full story THIS WEEKEND at Players Ring Theatre! Showtimes are Saturday and Sunday, at 10AM.

For more info on tickets and showtimes, visit


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