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Candy Country

October 15 - 23, 2022

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It's a rainy day at home when siblings Kate and Anna are whisked away to the magical land of Candy Country, where chocolate birdies sing and cotton candy clouds dot the bluest sky you've ever seen. But something's gone sour... it's the day before Princess Sweetheart's coronation, and the Candy Crown has been stolen! Journey through Candy Country with Kate and Anna as they race to retrieve crown– and discover a few things about bravery, friendship, and forgiveness along the way.

This workshop production, performed by kids and for kids, is the culmination of 4 weeks of rehearsals focused on collaboration and the creative process.

Candy Country runs October 15th-23rd at The Players' Ring (105 Marcy St, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Showtimes are Saturdays and Sundays at 10am. Tickets are $18 General Admission and $15 for kids under 12, and can be purchased through The Players' Ring below.

An Original Musical by Joshua Goldberg


Kate – Ryan Blenkinsop

Mary Jane – Jade Blanchette
Gingerbread Man/Pink/Baby Bear/Baby Ruth/Snickers – Harper Burns
Peep/Dum-Dum/Goldilocks/Life Saver/M/Pixie Sticks – Violet Burns
Wrapper/Kit-Kat/Smarties/Lollipop Man/M – Emily Child
Sour Patch Kid/Life Saver – Ella Conway

Papa Bear/Nerds/Life Saver/Laffy Taffy – Meghan Dumot

Mama Bear (Sour Patch Kid & Life Saver u/s 10/23) – Ellie Labovitz

Anna – Lucy Schnaars

Sour Patch Kid/Jolly Rancher/Swedish Fish – Teagan Welby-Long
Sour Patch Kid/Swedish Fish/Princess Sweetheart – Lydia Whitehouse

Chocolate Witch – Briar MacDonald

King Candy Corn – Joshua Goldberg

Queen Caramel – Charlie Sirmaian


Director/Music Director – Joshua Goldberg

Stage Manager – Charlie Sirmaian

Live Accompaniment – Miles Burns

Costume & Prop Design – Joshua Goldberg & Charlie Sirmaian

Lighting Design – Nick Tavares

Run Crew – Max Cavanaugh, Lilly Hirsch & Briar MacDonald

Technical Director – Christian Arnold

Poster & Program Design – Joshua Goldberg

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