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Saving Santa Claus

December 16 - 23, 2018

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Do you hear that? The jingle jangle of Santa’s Christmas Bells? You don’t, do you? That’s because Santa Claus is missing! He never made it back to North Pole after his Christmas ride… the elves don’t know what to do! Well, they do know one thing they have to do: save Santa Claus and bring him “ho-ho-home!”

Saving Santa Claus runs December 16th-23rd at the Star Theatre, located at the Kittery Community Center, 120 Rogers Road in Kittery, Maine. Showtimes are Saturdays and Sundays at 11am. Tickets are $15, or $10 for children 12 and under, and can be purchased below or by calling the Star Theatre Box Office at 207-439-3800.

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Written and Directed by Miles Burns

Presented in Partnership with The Firehouse Center For the Arts


Santa Claus – Alden Caple

Mrs. Claus – Seraphina Caligiure

Bob the Reindeer – Kiera Allard-Hardy
Christmas Spirit – Sophie Cosgrove
Giggly-Foot – Emily Sloane

Richie Stonebottom III – Ollie Olsen

Crosby the Snowman – Lily Hawkins

Beth Whitley, Little Drummer Boy – Rowan McNally

Mayzie Jane, Hop-Pop Hoppypop – Maeve Roache

Bobby Smith – Sean Vincent

Paulie Anne Smucker, Zippery Shim Sham – Lilyanne Mangold-Drohan

Misty Decker – Julia Kerber

Diane Ditcherson – Mollie Smith

Chandra Deluxe – Daisy Fletcher

Hillary Clinton – Megan Keaveney
Dasher – Max Cavanaugh
Prancer, Sad Kid 1 – Scout McNally
Vixen, Sad Kid 3 – Colby Flaim
Comet, Sad Kid 2 – Mark Vincent
Bill Clinton, Cupid – Bowman Rollins
Donder – Mac Darling
Blitzen – Aidan Carter
Rudolph – Delaney Roache

Flopsy, Dancer, Cue Card Guy – Liam Dubois

Wiggly Toe, Camera Guy – Lilli Cosgrove

Sprinkle Magurdy – Tavi Marsh

Ding-Dong Cocoa – Zuri Wemple

Kixie Dust – Fiona Leong

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