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The Upside of Being Down

July 5 - 16, 2021

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Hey campers, welcome to Day Camp! Join a group of campers as they laugh, sing, act, and dance their way through theatre camp, with new friends to make and lessons to learn along the way. With catchy songs and lots of fun, The Upside of Being Down reminds us to embrace and celebrate our differences. After all, “we all play different parts!"

Upside Arts Day Camp (open to ages 7-17) provides a unique summer experience with original shows written specifically for the campers! Students work together to build confidence, creativity, and develop skills needed to perform on stage, while rehearsing for a fully staged production.

A Musical by Miles Burns
Additional Music and Lyrics by Scott Hermenau
Conceived by Miles Burns and Alden Caple

Directed by Miles Burns
Assistant Directed by Joshua Goldberg and Jesse Kelley-Derzon


Ginny – Lauren Westlake
Timmy – Lilli Cosgrove
Sunflower – Fiona Hargreaves
Elle – Alex Child
Rosy – Sophie Grandmaison
Benji – Max Cavanaugh
Faye – Emily Child
Lizzy/The Giraffe – Finley Buono
Jesse – Kate Wyand
Sam – Izzy Ball
Connor – Connor Buono
Counselor (Nick) – Nick Tavares
Counselor (Caylie) – Elsa Rogers
Counselor (Kaia) – Brae Davis

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