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Players’ Ring opens new season this weekend

Originally published on Seacoast Online. Excerpts of the full article are included below.

Upside Arts is new at the Ring, but its principal, Miles Burns, is another returning artist. Burns was involved in a number of Ring productions featuring his original youth theater musicals in the past. Continuing on the theme of family and children’s theater, Upside Arts will present a mini series of his original musicals, one weekend a month, two shows each weekend, in October, February and April.

“Pengui” and “The Mouse and the Lion” are both based on the ideas of others, but will feature his book and score, Burns says.

“The third, ‘The Illuminating Tail,’ I’ll be co-writing everything with Peter Splaine on that one,” he says. “I’m looking forward to all of this.”

This season is a test, Burns says. If all goes well, the hope is to continue offering children’s theater at the Ring in the future.

“We’re just thinking about what will work realistically in the space with everyone and everything else going on,” Burns says. “It’s a really good spot for kids’ shows and matinees. So I think it will catch on.”

Newton says the series enhances the Ring’s variety. “We just think it’s a good opportunity to do something a little different. ... They’re very suited to do this, and we aren’t,” Newton says. “We’re always looking for ways to expand.”


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