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Who’s Saving Santa Claus on the ME/NH Seacoast?

All the kids in this Upside Arts production! That's who!

Saving Santa Claus runs December 16th-23rd at the Star Theatre! Get tickets!

Do you wonder what characters these kids are playing and who did what? Is there a villain in this story? Is it a close call for Santa? There is still time to find out! Two shows left! Get tickets!

Upside Arts is a new theatrical production company for Seacoast area youth and teens that will aim to build confidence, sense of self, and empathy through thoughtful, original, and creative storytelling.

How ideas becomes a story and a story becomes a show!

“The greatest joy for me is creating characters in my head, collaborating with the kids, and together, bringing them to life. It’s a special feeling!” ~ Miles Burns


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