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August 3 - 4, 2019

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Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank and of having nothing to do, when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her. The ever curious Alice followed after him, tumbling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, where each moment is curiouser and curiouser! There she’ll meet the Hatter at his tea party, the smiling Cheshire Cat, the contrary Tweedle Dum and Dee, the temperamental Queen of Hearts, and all the other mad denizens of Wonderland. Will she ever find a way back to her golden afternoon, and finally discover the answer to the Caterpillar’s question, “Who are you?"

Upside Arts Day Camp (open to ages 7-17) provides a unique summer experience with original shows written specifically for the campers! Students work together to build confidence, creativity, and develop skills needed to perform on stage, while rehearsing for a fully staged production.

Alice runs August 3rd-4th at Portsmouth Middle School (155 Parrott Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Showtimes are Saturday and Sunday at 10am. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door, 30 minutes prior to the performance.

Based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
Book adapted by Miles Burns
Lyrics by Miles Burns, Scott Hermenau, and Lewis Carroll
Music by Miles Burns and Scott Hermenau

Directed by Miles Burns


Alice – Sophie Rose Riopel
Narrator (Saturday) – Ella Luke
Narrator (Sunday)/Knave of Hearts (Saturday) – Sophie Cosgrove

Queen of Hearts/Mouse, Rose/Walrus – Marley Lake

Hatter/Tweedledee/Violet/Seven of Spades – Hannah Rowan

Hare/Tweedledum/Tiger Lilly/Frog Footman/Executioner – Maeve McEachern

Caterpillar/Butterfly/Lorina/Lory/Cook/Oyster/Five of Spades – Raegan Macdonald

Dodo/Mr. Dodgson/King of Hearts/Daisy/Oyster – Sophia Grandmaison
Fawn/Edith/Eaglet/Young Alice/Two of Spades/Oyster – Lilyanne Mangold-Drohan

White Queen/Duchess/Duck – Adelaide Deforest

White Rabbit/Carpenter – Miah Bernier
Cheshire Cat/Daisy/Knave of Hearts – Olivia Mumper
Gnat/Fish Footman/Oyster/Executioner – Piper Svenson

Dormouse/White King/Daisy – Emily Loehwing

Knave of Hearts (Sunday) – Brae Davis

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