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Chicken Little

March 12 - 20, 2022

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The sky is falling! Or at least, Chicken Little thinks so. The outcast of Feather Glen, teased for his extreme caution, he only really wants one thing: to be anonymous. But when he brings his concerns to King Foxy Loxy, Chicken Little is thrust into the spotlight. With his newfound fame, Chicken Little is sure to make a few good friends… and foes.

Chicken Little runs March 12th-20th at The Players' Ring (105 Marcy St, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Showtimes are Saturday 3/12 and Sunday 3/13 at 10am and Sunday 3/20 at 10am and 2:30pm. Tickets are $18 General Admission and $15 for kids under 12, and can be purchased through The Players' Ring below. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test are required for patrons 12 and older.

An Original Musical by Joshua Goldberg

Directed by Joshua Goldberg


Old Lady Hawk – Izzy Ball

Mayor Featherbottom – Finley Bergin
The Late Worm/Squirrel Construction Worker – Harper Burns

Robin – Violet Burns
The Early Worm/Beaver Construction – Uliana Cavalier

Goosey Loosey – Daisy Fletcher
Kitty Meow Meow – Thea Hartley

Turkey Lurkey – Eliana Labovitz
Swany Lonnie – Avery Mulvey
Mr. Chicken/The Trout – Caruso Tucker
Mrs. Chicken/Owl – Teagan Welby-Long
Chicken Little – Zuri Wemple
Ducky Lucky – Lydia Whitehouse
King Foxy Loxy – Lauren Westlake
Woodpecker – Kate Wyand

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