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August 3, 2024

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Oftentimes we celebrate the things we can do, but what about the things we can’t do? Fred is the new kid in a new school, filled with the nastiest 7th graders that Los Angeles has to offer. Like any sad and alone middle schooler, Fred seeks refuge in the bathroom, only to discover that one of the toilets has quite a unique quirk… and when he finds himself in the Kingdom of Vapoo, Fred has to embrace everything he can – and can’t – do to save the day.

Upside Arts Day Camp (open to ages 7-17) provides a unique summer experience with original musicals written for the campers! Students work together to build confidence, creativity, and develop skills needed to perform on stage, while rehearsing for a fully staged production. Performances are August 3rd at 10am and 1pm at New Hampshire Theatre Project (959 Islington St. #3, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Tickets are $15 General Admission and $12 Students, and can be purchased below.

An Original Musical by Nick Tavares

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