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Flushed! (reading)

April 2, 2023

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Flushed! is a new musical for young audiences by Portsmouth High School senior and Upside Arts student Nick Tavares. Join us for the first-ever public reading of Flushed!, followed by a short discussion to collect feedback on this work in progress.

Oftentimes we celebrate the things we can do, but what about the things we can’t do? That’s the forefront thought for Fred, the new kid in a new middle school filled with the nastiest 7th graders that Los Angeles has to offer, all of whom are not fond of this new and different person! Fred runs away and, like any sad and alone middle schooler, seeks refuge in the bathroom, only to discover that one of the toilets has quite a unique quirk to it…

Flushed is onstage April 2 at 4:30pm at New Hampshire Theatre Project (959 Islington St #3, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Admission is free, with a suggested donation to support our student-iniatiated programming.

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Fred – Ranger Ledoux

Bruno/The King/Bush – Caruso Tucker 

Angela/Cecelia – Ella Luke

Bucky/Lord Pain – Max Cavanaugh 

Randy/Emma C/The Queen – Charlotte McVeigh 

Mrs. O’Connor/Falton/Guard 1 – Kerris Parkington

Suzie/Jill/Bush – Lilly Hirsch

Dylan/Wisdom – Kira Bailey

Jacob/Genevieve – Seth Kozak

Ilya/Mop – Shea O’Keefe

Stage Directions/Cynthia/Guard 2/Bush – Sophie Tomberelli


Piano – Nick Tavares

Flute – Seth Berg

Trumpet – Ian Hawkins

Clarinet – Ben Maass

Special thanks from Nick: Katie Reis, Brett Reis, Josh Goldberg, and my wonderful and talented friends

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