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Get A Life!

January 21 - 29, 2023

Pippin Square.jpg

Franklin is in trouble... Cats have nine lives, but he's down to his last one- and in the dark and dangerous streets of Kittyton, the shadows are closing in. With the help of some newfound friends, does Franklin have what it takes to win his nine lives back... before it's too late?​

This workshop production, performed by kids and for kids, is the culmination of 5 weeks of rehearsals focused on collaboration and the creative process.

Get A Life! runs January 21st-29th at The Players' Ring (105 Marcy St, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Showtimes are Saturdays and Sundays at 10am. Tickets are $18 General Admission and $15 for kids under 12, and can be purchased through The Players' Ring below.

An Original Musical by Joshua Goldberg


Flufkins/Third Guard – Ruby Arsenault

Lucille/First Guard – Izzy Ball

Catlotta – Jade Blanchette

Stinker/Hal Hare – Ryan Blenkinsop

Annie/Fourth Guard – Harper Burns

Lord Webber – Violet Burns

Fuzzbucket – Uliana Cavalier

Pestilence/Flo – Ella Conway

Cheddar – Julien Goodspeed Kostegan

Franklin – Thea Hartley

King Humbert III – Wegen Hayes

Mayor McWhiskers – Lucy Schnaars

Scratcher – Sylvia Vesey

Plague/Orville – Zelda Vesey

Birdie – Teagan Welby-Long

Meaowsie – Elexia Woodward

Liza/Second Guard – Kate Wyand


Director & Scenic Design – Joshua Goldberg

Choreography – Lilly Hirsch & Joshua Goldberg

Costume & Prop Design – Seraphina Caligiure 

Lighting Design – Nick Tavares 

Run Crew – Max Cavanaugh, Lilly Hirsch, Ranger Ledoux, & Briar MacDonald 

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