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The Illuminating Tail

February 1 - 16, 2020

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The Illuminating Tail is an original story by Peter Splaine, a local parent and carpenter. It’s about the adventure of a raccoon named Lamppost Pete, aptly named because he walks around with a lamppost which provides him with light- you see, Lamppost Pete can’t see in the dark like his other nocturnal friend. Or can he? He’s trying to answer all the big questions; Why am I here? What is my value in this life? What’s the point of a raccoon that can’t see in the world he’s meant to be in? Lamppost Pete follows an old woman’s advice and goes out to find some answers. Along his travels he meets a cast of characters who live in the same metaphorical darkness, all seeking the same answers and finding so much more.

The Illuminating Tail runs February 1st-2nd at The Players' Ring (105 Marcy St, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Showtimes are Saturday and Sunday at 10am. Tickets are SOLD OUT. An additional performance of The Illuminating Tail benefitting Lydia's House of Hope will take place February 16th at St. John's Lodge (351 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801) at 2:30pm. Tickets are $15 at the door, and can be reserved below.

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Written by Miles Burns and Peter Splaine
Music by Miles Burns

Directed by Miles Burns


Lamp-Post Pete – Reagan MacDonald
Pollyanna Panda – Kate Wyand
Bubba the Bat – Sophia Amico
Gilly/The Day/Rafferty Smith – Abby Derderian
Christobull – Lilyanne Mangold-Drohan
Baby Llama – Emma Meade
Porky Pine – Lilli Cosgrove
Sunshine/Wozy Wozy Woo Woo – Leah Kelly
Bungy – Zia Gould
Rocky/Squirrel McAllister – Zadoc Fletcher
The Night/Karma Okapi/The Tree – Daisy Fletcher
Wozy Wozy Wa Wa/The Wolf – Christian Arnold
The Twin Brother Tree/Hippo Dave – Jared Lucier

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