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Life on a Plate: The Story of a Pea

August 6, 2022

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So often in this world we hear stories of greatness, stories of triumph. This is one of those stories… It’s a small story, almost unnoticeable. Life on a Plate is the heroic tale of an underdog, or in this case “the last pea on the plate,” passed over time and time again. Join Pea, Carrot, and all the other inhabitants of the fridge on an eggs-i-stential journey to food paradise.

Upside Arts Day Camp (open to ages 7-17) provides a unique summer experience with original musicals written for the campers! Students work together to build confidence, creativity, and develop skills needed to perform on stage, while rehearsing for a fully staged production. Performances are August 6 at 10am and 12:30pm at New Hampshire Theatre Project (959 Islington St. #3, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Tickets are $10 and can be reserved below.

Written and Conceived by Miles Burns and Hannah Morrisse

Original Music by Miles Burns and Scott Hermenau


Peanut Butter/Red Meat/Soup/Cool Cucumber/Relish/Stale Hot Dog Bun – Pheobe Abdulah

Straw/Heel of Bread – Sophia Amico

Corny/Cod/Guddha – Izzy Ball

Broccoli/Salt – Jade Blanchette

Carrot – Finley Buono

Green the Orange/Fresh Milk of Bel-Air – Avery Carter

Spinach/Egg – Zoey DeFranco

Rasp/Lima Bean – Twyla Deguio

Cupcake – Fiona Hargreaves

Blue/Radish – Bella Holbrook

Cheesy – Grace Orcutt

Fancy Banana Man/½ Dozen Eggs/Pepper – Lukas Ricker

Pea – Lucy Schnaars

Juice Box/Fly/Pineapple/Garbage Man – Alex Stern

Milk Reynolds/Pizza – Max Cavanaugh

Mrs. Potato/Moldy Tomato – Sarah Corrow

Moldy French Cheese – Joshua Goldberg

Pink Lady/Mustard/Moldy Grapes – Nick Tavares

Jelly/Uncool Cucumber/Ketchup/Forgotten Vegetable Broth – Tucker Whelan


Director & Music Director – Miles Burns

Assistant Directors & Choreographers – Sarah Corrow and Joshua Goldberg

Assistant Music Director – Nick Tavares

Costume & Prop Design – Sarah Corrow, Joshua Goldberg, Ryan Scarlotto, Sophie Hallé and Seraphina Caligiure

Lighting Design – Christian Arnold

Production Assistants – Max Cavanaugh, Nick Tavares and Tucker Whelan

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