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Playing the Right Part

November 3, 2019

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Playing the Right Part is a benefit concert celebrating the music of Miles Burns and Scottie Hermenau. Directed by Tyler Christie, the concert will feature Upside talent from NYC and the Seacoast area. Ticket sales will go toward producing new and original youth works for the 2019-20 Upside Arts Season.

Playing the Right Part is November 3rd at 2pm, at The Rochester Performance & Arts Center (32 North Maine St, Rochester, NH 03867). Tickets are $25, and can be purchased below.

Original Music by Miles Burns and Scott Hermenau

Directed by Tyler Christie


Christian Arnold
Kari Buckley
Kate Burns
Miles Burns
Seraphina Caligiure
Alden Caple
Michelle Faria
Taryn Herman
Marissa Miller
Marty Miller

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