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The Tortoise and the Hare

July 9, 2022

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We all know the story and the great debate it stirs: does slow and steady win the race? A singular race... perhaps not. But what about the "big race"?  Join Hare and Tortoise on a life encapsulating adventure about the choices we make and the places those choices take us. Who will win the race called Life?

Upside Arts Day Camp (open to ages 7-17) provides a unique summer experience with original musicals written for the campers! Students work together to build confidence, creativity, and develop skills needed to perform on stage, while rehearsing for a fully staged production. Performances are July 9 at 10am and 12pm at New Hampshire Theatre Project (959 Islington St. #3, Portsmouth, NH 03801). Tickets are $10 and can be reserved below.

An Original Musical by Miles Burns

Additional Music and Lyrics by Christian Arnold

Based on Aesop's Fable


The Turtle – Izzy Ball

The Wolf/The Owl/Roxy Raccoon – Ryan Blenkinsop

The Brown Bear/Betty Bunny/The Goat – Harper Burns

The Hen/Bitsy Bunny/The Fox – Violet Burns

The Skunk/Mr. Moose – Ash Carroll

The Raccoon/The Rat – Uli Cavalier

The Hare – Alex Child

The Chipmunk/The Rooster – Emily Child

The Tortoise – Delaney Hall

The Robin/The Squirrel – Lucy Linxweiler

The Badger/The Hummingbird – Lucy Schnaars

The Crane/Rita Racoon – Emma Zielinski

Bernie Bunny – Miles Burns

Gopher Murray/Frog – Max Cavanaugh

Lord Wallington Worm/Toad – Nick Tavares


Director – Miles Burns 

Assistant Director – Joshua Goldberg

Costume & Prop Design – Joshua Goldberg and Seraphina Caligiure

Lighting & Sound Design – Christian Arnold

Production Assistants – Max Cavanaugh and Nick Tavares

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